About New Breed Physiques


Our fundamental purpose here at New Breed Physiques is to be able to provide you with the best one on one coaching experience possible. The term “Coaching” goes far beyond us adjusting your calories, cardio and/ or training. To us the coaching means being able to build a solid foundation with our clients through building a relationship, setting exceptions, providing mentorship, effectively communicating and providing emotional support when needed without sugar coating anything, because at the end of the day we are here to hold you accountable.

We don’t pass any judgment but instead are here to be your number supported and cheerleader throughout your journey.Your wins are our wins, so we are truly committed to assisting you with your goals of a better physique, greater strength and/ or overall a better lifestyle whether you are a competitive athlete, and aspiring competitive athlete or have no desires in competing, but only seek to be a better version of yourself.

Our focus is being able to formulate a foundation of knowledge for our athletes/ clients to able to manage training and nutrition as efficiently and effectively as possible all while being able to enjoy life as much as possible because we believe that fitness should enhance, not detract from your life.Through these methods, we try to address and strengthen our athletes not only from a physiological but also a psychological and emotional perspective to construct a well-rounded individual, mentally, physically and emotionally so they can flourish throughout their journey in achieving their specific goal.

Our approaches primarily, consist of a combination of science-based, yet practical style to training and nutrition, from comprehensive training protocols tailored to you and your specific goals to macronutrient based plans to complement your goals in conjunction with proper communication, patience, consistency, determination, discipline and daily grind day in and day out. You too can manifest YOUR greatness.


About Jorge Rosado



I am Jorge Rosado, physique and powerlifting preparation coach but also an athlete of both sports. I come from an athletic background, playing all kinds of sports growing up but really honed in on baseball. I began training around the age of 17 mainly to have more power while swinging the bat, but I immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to shape your physique while getting stronger. I’m currently attending college in pursuit of a bachelors degree in Exercise Science while concurrently getting my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certificate. I have a passion for helping individuals reach their physique and strength goals. For this reason, I am continuously a student of the sport, working to expand my knowledge base. This enables me to implement the latest research, in order to provide my athletes with the best coaching experience by making their journey as efficient and adherable as possible.


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Physique Competition History
1st place

2013 NPC Florida State Championships – Open Physique Class A

2013 NPC Florida State Championships – Open Physique Overall Champion

2013 OCB West Coast Classic – Bodybuilding Novice

2014 OCB West Coast Class – Bodybuilding Open

2014 OCB West Coast Class – Overall Champion


2nd Place

2012 Seminole Classic – Physique Open

2013 Mid Florida Classic – Physique Open

2013 NPC Southern States – Physique Open

2013 OCB West Coast Classic – Bodybuilding Open


Powerlifting Competition History

2014 USAPL Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships
Open 83kg Class- Gold Medal

2015 USAPL Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships
Open 83kg Class – Silver Medal
Junior 83kg Class- Bronze Medal