Paul Revelia Team Pro Physique
Becoming a successful coach requires an individual who has not only experienced the sport as a competitor but also wants to continually expand their knowledge. Having coached Jorge for a few years and seeing him go from a very coachable athlete to someone who seeks knowledge and understanding has me very excited for those who decide to work with him. Jorge has a true passion for the fitness lifestyle and has surrounded himself with fantastic people that will ensure he is constantly progressing and providing top quality services. Jorge is one of the hardest working and ethical people I know. He will apply this same tenacity to his coaching making him a fantastic coach.

Paul Revelia 
Owner of Team Pro Physique

I first became a client of Jorge’s after talking to him for a while at the gym we both went to. He was someone I looked forward to seeing there because he always went out of his way to answer my questions and provide me with reliable information that he knew would help me achieve my goals. When I became an official client of his nothing changed. Jorge constantly works to provide the best resources he can for his clients and is one of the most ambitious and passionate people I have ever met. This is clear if you have the chance to talk to him and is what makes him such a successful coach and an all round amazing person. Throughout prep for my first powerlifting meet his knowledge of programing helped me remain injury free and execute to my highest potential the day of the meet. Jorge has been an amazing coach and has become a good friend of mine. He has given me the tools to become the best I can be, and will for all of his clients.
Jake Mowbray
93kg USAPL Competitor